Supervision Teaching Clinic
Algarve, Portugal

Our teaching clinic is open to mixed modality practitioners and students to attended and learn together "hands on" with option to stay as part of our residential program.

We believe there is no better way to grow than to be in a supportive professional community in service to the public.

Enquire about our next clinic season:
November 2024 - March 2025

Come experience the work

Trust & Safety Is Key

By joining our teaching clinic you will receive expert support and the loving presence of our team. You are welcome...

We offer you our quality assurance through a commitment to providing ongoing supervision to our practitioners, a continually updated code of ethics and a fully encouraged welcoming of your experience and feedback on your time with us.
body sense clinic of relational bodywork algarve portugal

Be part of our next clinic season at Body Sense Clinic, Algarve Portugal.

Our low cost clinic introduces this work to more people, spreading awareness for these approaches and providing ongoing support to public and practitioners alike.

An invaluable opportunity for ongoing practitioner development through clinical observation.

Growth through practice, being in community.

A Graduates Talks About Our Supervision Clinic

Our Community Commitment to Excelence
Quality Team
Each member was invited due to their capacity for loving presence, lived experience and skilful embodiment of the work
Community Building
We are working towards integration and inclusivity of practice modalities, public and traditional medical model.
Value First
Our prices are designed to be as accessible as possible for the public and practitioner learners
  • Julian Marcus Treble

    School Founder & Clinic Director

    Learning in an embodied way, hands on, in community with other committed individuals and with the public is of foundational to being a well rounded, confident and effective practitioner.

    As part of his 3000hr supervised Therapeutic Bodywork teaching clinic practice at university 2001-4 Julian became deeply inspired by the format of community learning with public facing sessions.

    These early professional experiences stuck with him and served as the prime motivator in recent years to create a similar learning environment in recent years for his students.

Interested in attending as a practitioner?

Are a bodyworker, touch therapist, massage practitioner or somatic / body based coach or even perhaps a movement teacher interested in learning new approaches to support human growth and healing?

Feel at home with our global community of graduates and practitioner learners as we walk together in unity of vision for embodied clean service. Our clinics and regularly community calls are a place you can get to see our work in action and be part of it both online and in person.

Our focus on service through embodied practice at our clinics provides, a now rare opportunity it seems, for a strong clinical experiential component to becoming and growing as a practitioner.

We prioritise offering high quality teaching supervision clinics as an opportunity for the public to experience the powerful benefit of our work, at a low cost, and give invaluable ongoing experiential professional clinical observation support for the ongoing development to our practitioner learners.

Explore your next learning growth edge

This work is motivated by the true satisfaction of serving others...

This commitment brings with it growth and evolution as a human being and the opportunity to live a fulfilled and love aligned life. Guided by our embodied ethics that uphold our practice with human values of confidentiality, warmth, radical acceptance, curiosity and compassion; we are able offer a sincere duty of care to those seeking the support and transformative benefits of this kind of community based learning and practice.
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