Learn The Art & Science of Therapeutic Bodywork

Enrolment Open: 2024 Therapeutic Bodywork Practitioner Training
Live Your Truth, Inspire Positive Change
Experience the simplicity and power of
Feel And Follow

Learn The Art & Science of Therapeutic Bodywork

Enrolment Open: 2024 Therapeutic Bodywork Practitioner Training
Live Your Truth, Inspire Positive Change
Experience the simplicity and power of
Feel And Follow

Therapeutic Bodywork Practitioner Training 2024/25
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Spaces are limited to 25 to preserve quality and contact time with teacher team

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One to one sessions in-person and online
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Practitioner Development

Trainings, Mentoring and Teaching Clinic
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Therapeutic Bodywork changes lives

Previous students regularly report our trainings and mentoring helped them to discover a deep and resounding sense of purpose and skills to facilitate positive change with group and individual client work.

Given the true power, simplicity and clarity of the "Feel and Follow" session approaches and structure you really can learn to give your client tools to move towards their life and wellness goals in a highly effective way.

What is a huge relief for people who discover this way of working is that as a body-based

guide, this way of working liberates the

practitioner from the feeling they have to

have all the answers and puts the

choice and power back firmly

with the client.

The School of Relational Bodywork

Resilience - Embodiment - Creativity - Service
Private Sessions, Practitioner Trainings & Teaching Clinics
Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, Portugal

If you are looking at becoming a bodywork professional we would be very happy to give you some experiencing of the the depth and efficacy of Feel and Follow, restorative bodywork approaches. This training and teachings are the result of over 20 years of practice and teaching by founder Julian Marcus + the amazing input of mentors and supporting international faculty.

Our programs will ground you in skilful touch, and develop confidence in the transformative power of presence and deep body listening with clients. We demonstrate our approaches through real, clinical client interactions in the teaching observation clinical practice components and from the beginning you will be encouraged to experience the work first hand yourself so you can really get a feel for it and experience the benefits and results.

You will be guided to find your own inner resource of stillness and trust in the innate unfolding session plan as a truly person-centred way to serve others. This work invariably brings deep satisfaction as a practitioner and lends itself to an empowering path towards wholistic wellness for self and those we work with.

Founder - Julian Marcus BSc(Hons) Therapeutic Bodywork

Hi, I’m Julian Marcus.

Are you interested to experience "Feel and Follow" embodiment approaches, lets speak together face to face...
I have a huge passion and capacity for working with people and my teaching and private practice has been evolving for the pas 25 years incorporating both talk, embodiment and touch skills.

I offer a fluid, unique, unified approach in service of growth and integration that supports resilience and joyful embodiment.

The approaches I have come to now collectively refer to as "Feel and follow" support connecting to our inherent wellness and self-organising body intelligence. From this deep resource within the next natural step is finding clarity in listening to this felt-sense to choose, act and enhance all areas of your life.

Feel and Follow - Our Relational Focus
We look forward to supporting you in taking your practice to the next level.

We believe how you feel about the touch received is as, or in some cases even more, important than the touch or technique itself...

...that being said, the quality of touch we help you share is highly relaxing and effective at supporting tissue wellness and healing.

With simplicity and deep reverence to the receivers healthy blueprint and life force energy you will learn to follow the clients body cues and capacity to ask for exactly what they need in that moment with confidence and clarity.

Our 5 Day - 30 hour, level 1 modules give you a practical grounding in an exiting range of massage and bodywork tools, all focused on a finely attuned presence and quality of connection.

The ongoing thread of our work is relational touch and coaching skills that bridge talk and touch with treatment model / techniques and body as expert coaching model. This dual spectrum approach supports the one receiving this work to notice, trust, value and communicate on a whole new level of body-felt (interoceptive) awareness and clarity. We build upon these foundational modules with our ongoing embodiment teaching observation clinics and monthly community practice calls online.

Our emphasis on practically focused courses and teaching clinics are designed with intention that practitioners take away not only new skills to integrate into their current therapy or bodywork practice but embodied confidence from these community learning experiences of a co-caring team working with the public live.

Being gathering 2024

It was a pleasure to share the workshop
Transformation Through Intimacy
with all you beautiful souls at Being
Teaching with Julian Marcus - www.FeelandFollow.com

It was so beautiful to meet so many people open and interested in the path self- awareness and loving service.

Pete Bampton and I shared a workshop "Evolution through intimacy" with a big beautiful group at Being Gathering , taking people on a two community Body Poem journeys and a practical exploration of the four stages of relationship:

1. Me centred
2. We centred - codependent
3. Co-independent
4. Being centred

The breakthroughs, intimacy and heart openings were truly a pleasure to witness.

The community body poem audios are available below to download, for those who attended or want to listen to the insights people were having about themselves and the nature of relationship.

If you would like to take part in a future Transformation Through Intimacy Workshop please register your interest and we will keep you informed via telegram.
Relational Bodywork Students: Annelle & Emma speak about their experiences
What our students say about our trainings...
Feel and Follow Approaches + Relational Bodywork Student Feedback
Our next trainings for 2024 will take place in our new dedicated training centre with observation clinic in Vila Nova de Gaia, close to Porto, Portugal. We have two teaching spaces and 6 treatments rooms where practitioner learners can learn hands on with the public how to support their treatment and session goals.

Our New Home
Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, Portugal
Following a two year long search for "the perfect, purpose built practice clinic and teaching space" for the School of Relational Bodywork a series of recent synchronicities has lead us to an invite by one of my practitioner students to host us at his newly updated beautiful building in Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, Portugal. It could not be better connected, is right opposite to the train station, has a bus stop right outside and is 30 mins from Porto Airport with lots of accommodation near by for longer programs like our 5 day 30 hour trainings. On top of this it is close to the ocean and nature minutes away so you can easily dip into both.
Feedback from our practitioner learners
Students Feedback on Previous Hosted Trainings
As well as teaching and mentoring himself Julian also likes to invite other teachers to share continuing practitioner development and complementary approaches to bring a rich variety of approaches to The School of Relational Bodywork.

In this video you can hear some of the feedback from trainings in the Art of Listening.

Feedback From Course Participants

Who are our relational bodywork trainings for?

Are you a massage or bodywork professional or thinking to work with people and the body in some way? We can support you in deepening your person-centred conversational skills, to work with embodied consent for a felt sense of safety and agency, clear and intake approaches intake approaches and session planning.

We teach you tried and tested body-based coaching skills to guide the client to trust and communicate their needs and desires for increased satisfaction and noticeably improved session outcomes.

For existing practitioners of those starting out, we teach a range of skills and practices to expand or deepen your repertoire of touch skills and techniques that includes amongst others; clean language, body poem, neuromuscular techniques, mapping and soft tissue massage.

Are you a coach or talk therapists who is looking to gain experience with touch, or if not planning to work with touch exactly, then to perhaps utilise the sense of safety created with the latest somatic and embodiment practices to support your client in their needs and goals? The Feel and Follow toolkit for resilience and embodiment is immediately applicable for living in more embodied alignment to the personal updates and breakthroughs gained from the therapeutic work you already do.

We also very much welcome movement teachers working in areas such as dance, yoga, Pilates, fitness or care work who wish to enhance their touch or therapeutic relating skills while deepening their understanding of the working with embodied consent to be more person centred.
Feedback From Jo: Relational Bodywork Mentee
Hear what a graduate practitioner says about our one to one supervision and practice mentoring support
Julian has been involved in practitioner trainings for over 20 years, continuing practitioner development for the past 10 years and for the past 4 years has enjoyed a progression into clinical supervision and one to one practitioner mentoring for mixed variety of bodywork modalities, coaches and body focused practitioners and creative artists.

If you are looking for ongoing support with your practice we invite you to get in contact to see if what we offer fits.


Our expert supervision and mentorship programs offer online and in-person support for ongoing practitioner development in person centred embodiment practice for mixed modalities

  • Take part in our in-person teaching clinics Northern Portugal
  • Peer supervision and ongoing learning via monthly community zoom calls
  • One to one practice Mentoring + Supervision
Contact Us
For more information or questions please get in touch here:
julian @ feelandfollow.com
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Villa Nova Da Gaia, Portugal