Relational Bodywork with Julian Marcus

Online and in person practices:

Feel and Follow Embodiment Approaches

Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, Portugal

  • Julian Marcus
    Relational Bodyworker & Feel and Follow Embodiment Guide

    I have been joyfully immersed in body-based practices for over two decades; working with individuals and couples with relating, healthy sexuality, conflict resolution and living more alinged with their goals and values.

    During this time I have also focused on professional practitioners and mentored people with their businesses, personal creativity and leadership.

    My particular area of experience is aiding others to find a felt-sense of clarity and agency which supports choice in moving towards live goals or wellness with greater trust and ease.

    I give sessions online to individuals and in person, mainly here in Portugal where I live.

Relational Bodywork Online

How can working together online help you?

From the comfort and privacy of your home, or on the move, I can help you re-connect to yourself and your partner in new ways.

As a bodywork educator of over 20 years now I offer a unique individual fusion of embodied talk, practices and reflective tools, lead by your moment to moment experience. With authenticity and radical honesty I trust in the unfolding intelligence of you self-organising wisdom of being. Through radical acceptance a multitude of possibility opens up.
The main themes that my clients seek support with and I have experience with are:

  • Personal leadership - learning to embody our highest values and truth then communicate and live our most authentic expression.
  • Cultivating creativity - tapping into the deep well of inner creative potential with alchemy practices and embodiment tools
  • Life force Connection - transforming stress into vitality, returning to joy and ease of being with embodiment and nature immersion
  • Conflict to collaboration - transforming personal or professional conflicts into opportunity for collaboration and community
This work can be done one to one or with groups. Get in touch to organise group work or retreats.
The other area I have extensive experience in and enjoy supporting people with with is the field of pleasure, presence and intimacy.

I support men, women and couples who are feeling:

  • A sense of disconnect from their body, self, their pleasure or their partner
  • Sexual dissatisfaction, anxiety with dating or relating
  • Fear about communicating their desires or boundaries with a lover
  • A desire to connect and explore intimacy with more confidence