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Who are our relational bodywork trainings for?

Are you a massage or bodywork professional interested in deepening your person-centred conversation, consent, session planning and intake approaches. We offer you powerful body based coaching skills to guide the client to trust and communicate their needs and desires for increased effectiveness and improved session outcomes. We also offer a range of skills and practices if wish to expand or deepen your repertoire of touch skills and techniques.

Are you a coach or talk therapists who is looking to gain more experience with touch, or if not touch exactly, then safety creating somatic and embodiment practices to support your clients needs and goals. Our tried and tested tools are immediately applicable for living in more embodied alignment to the personal updates and breakthroughs they get from the therapeutic work you already do.

We also welcome movement teachers working in areas such as dance, yoga, Pilates, fitness or care who wish to enhance their touch or therapeutic relationship skills while deepening their understanding of the working client-lead with the body.

If you are looking at becoming a bodywork professional we highly recommend experiencing the depth and sensitivity of restorative bodywork approaches with us. Our programs will ground you in skilful touch, the power of presence with clients. We will demonstrate our approaches through the lens of the effect on the nervous system with the body's own intelligence as our guide. Finding your own inner resource of stillness, trust in the innate unfolding session plan in a truly person-centred way brings deep satisfaction as a practitioner and lends itself to an empowering path towards wholistic wellness for self and those we work with.

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Our Relational Focus

“The quality of your life ultimately depends on the quality of your relationships . . . which are basically a reflection of your sense of decency, your ability to think of others, your generosity.”

― Esther Perel

As highly relational beings, for us it is so important to prioritise the therapeutic relationship as the foundation for efficacy, outcomes and human growth. The gold standard research by Truax and Carkaff showed that it is the practitioner's relational presence that counts in transformation and healing way more than the type of modality. This proves that satisfaction, healing and growth are very personal to the felt sense of safety, being seen and feeling understood.

We work with mainly touch professionals and believe how you feel about any touch received can be more important than the touch technique itself. That being said, the quality of touch approaches and techniques we teach practitioners to embody and use are based on years of clinical practice, research and stand up to the latest bodywork science.

Rather than looking for disease and dysfunction we train you to look for the health, resource and capacity for nourishment in the receiver's body and life force energy. Supporting choice and agency through fostering a healthy sense of trust in our felt-sense we ensure our touch is the right choice for the client.

Our 5 Day - 30 hour, level 1 modules give you a practical grounding in an exiting range of massage and bodywork tools, all focused on a finely attuned presence and quality connection.

The ongoing thread of our work is relational touch and embodiment coaching skills that bridge talk and touch with treatment model / techniques and body as expert coaching model. This dual spectrum approach supports the one receiving this work to notice, trust, value and communicate on a whole new level of body-felt (interoceptive) awareness and clarity. We reinforce these modules with embodiment teaching clinics and monthly community practice calls.

Our emphasis on practically focused courses and teaching clinics are designed with intention that practitioners take away not only new skills to integrate into their current therapy or bodywork practice but embodied confidence from our unique format of lived experience community learning with a co-caring experience working with the public live. We look forward to supporting you in taking your practice to the next level.


The School of Relational Bodywork - "Skilled helper" supervision programs offer online or in-person support with ongoing practitioner development

  • Access our in-person graduate embodied practice clinics in UK, Portugal and other EU cities.
  • Peer support and ongoing learning via monthly community zoom calls
  • One to one Mentoring + Supervision
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