Being gathering 2024

It was a pleasure to share meditations, talks and the Transformation through Intimacy Workshop with all you beautiful souls at Being!
Teaching with Julian Marcus -

It was so beautiful to meet so many people open and interested in the path of meditation and self- awareness. Sharing meditation talks and workshops this year at Being was really a joy.

Julian Marcus and I shared a workshop "Evolution through intimacy" with a beautiful group at Being Gathering , taking people on a two community Body Poem journeys and a practical exploration of the four stages of relationship:

1. Me centred
2. We centred - codependent
3. Co-independent
4. Being centred

The breakthroughs, intimacy and heart openings were a pleasure to witness.

The community body poem audios are available below to download, for those who attended or want to listen to the insights people were having about themselves and the nature of relationship.

If you would like to take part in a future Transformation Through Intimacy Workshop please register your interest and we will keep you informed via telegram.