Our Next Training in Craniosacral Therapy
The Healing Power of Stillness

Craniosacral Foundations 11 - 15th March, Algarve Portugal

(The Venue is 30 mins from Faro Airport)

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Join our 5 day, 30 hour deep dive with Bodywork professionals Howard Evans & Julian Marcus. Spaces limited to 14 for quality and intimacy of the group.

Throughout this course we will search for movement towards holism – not as an idea but as a shift in perception through presence and simple touch, free from an agenda or impetus to fix. This shift reveals the stillness within our own and within our client's being. Out of this stillness the intentions of the healing process can emerge.
Cranial Sacral Therapy Training:
What our participants say about the experience and benefits to their work:
5 day, 30 hour foundation training
Craniosacral Biodynamics - The Healing Power of Stillness
In this professional bodywork training:
  • A brief history of the development of craniosacral therapy, with special emphasis on current biodynamic understanding.
  • An exploration of the concepts of inherent health; breath of life and primary respiration
  • An exploration of the neutral, the relational field and levels of stillness
  • An exploration of the mid-tide, long-tide, and still-points
  • Palpating and perceiving tides and rhythms
  • The transverse diaphragms and their role in organising experience
  • Practitioner and patient resources
Craniosacral therapy training retreat in portugal, cranial hold on head and sacrum

Who is this training for:

Complete beginners: who wish to learn massage simply for the pleasure of practicing with friends and family or who wish to explore massage as a profession.

Massage & Bodywork professionals: Who are interested in deepening their person-centred approach and somatic coaching skills to increase effectiveness and improve session outcomes. Those who wish to enhance relationship skills and deepen the client outcomes within their holistic practice.

Movement teachers: Who facilitate dance, yoga, Pilates, fitness or physical care/ therapy who wish to enhance their relationship skills and deepen understanding of holistic practice.
Cranial Sacral Therapy Training:
Supporting clients to feel safe enough to let go, and allow their body reorganise release. Client Feedback: Jess T, "you help make space in my body for my soul to move".

If you are considering becoming a bodywork professional we highly recommend experiencing the quality of depth and sensitivity attainable through the practice/technique of our restorative bodywork approaches. Our trainings are designed to ground you in skilful touch alongside the power of deep presence with a client and its subsequent effect on the body, and encountering both your own and your inner clients resources of inner stillness and health.

Module 1: The Healing Power of Stillness
The Course focus:
In this first module we introduce the basic principles of craniosacral biodynamics giving particular attention to the emotional body.

This is a practical course taught with the intention that participants aquire skills to integrate into their current therapy or bodywork practice.

Craniosacral therapy offers a way of integrating unresolved experiences held in the body without the need for verbal processing.
Craniosacral Therapy: Supporting Embodiment
Experience Module 1: The healing power of stillness
The key to this craniosacral work lies in the deepening of the practitioner’s relationship and perceptual skills.